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The following images are photos that have been edited into previous video interviews.  They have added an additional dimension to these productions by  supporting the stories being told.

A professional videographer will come to your home (or another agreed-upon location) to record your loved one's stories. Prompted by relevant questions, interviewees might discuss their ancestors, grandparents, parents, siblings, growing up on the farm/in their neighborhood, their teenage years, meeting their spouse, time spent in the military, jobs they've held, travel experiences, and much more. The video can be enhanced by still photos, family films or videos,  and historical illustrations of events, allowing an offering of a dynamic dimension that vividly brings the production to life. 

We can show you examples of how it's possible to save the life and times of an honored family member or preserve your own legacy for your family. Call or email today and we can discuss any of your special requirements. Please see our contact information on the " Contact Us" tab above.

Professionally produced, high-quality video reserved on DVD or other data-storage device.
  • Recorded at your home (or another agreed-upon location)
  • Prompts provided to assist with memories
  • Historical enhancements added (photos, illustrations, or other media)
  • Extensive videography experience using high definition camera
  • Multiple DVD copies can be ordered for other family members


                                       Premium Package
This package includes a pre-interview meeting at your home to discuss the process and to review possible interview questions. On the day of the interview, we will come to your home or another agreed upon location for the interview, set up lights, set up audio, record using a high definition camera, and then conduct the interview. The post production includes professional editing of the video with photos of people or events from your family albums or other historical sources. Family videos or films can also be added to support the stories that are being told at that point of the discussion. These additional visual elements create a more dynamic  dimension to the productions. Menu markers are also added to the DVD at this time so you can quickly advance to select moments of the video. Three copies of the interview burned onto DVDs and added to personalized disc cases are included in this package for distribution to family members. To ensure that the details of those all-important family stories are captured, these interviews average between 2 and 3 hours in length.

                                       Basic Package

The basic package includes all of the above but without the additional editing into the interview of the family photos, family videos and films. This package still captures the look, the voice, and the mannerisms of your loved one plus all those cherished stories we all want to save of our family's history.

Remember: "a library is lost when an old person dies."

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