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          Preserve Your Family History
                       With A Video Interview
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My mother passed away a few years ago but fortunately, I saved her life.
  That is to say, I was able to capture her look, voice, mannerisms, and our family stories on video. I now have her with me any time I put her DVD into the player"
- Fred Farmer, Owner Fond Reflections Video



Most families would agree that it's important to have photos and videos celebrating their new arrivals, but it's rare that we consider documenting the important chapters of one of our beloved senior members with a video interview ,,,, before we lose the opportunity. Their fully-lived lives represent a treasured chronicle of family history, told in their own words through their unique personalities. What a wonderful way for future generations to "know" their heritage. It's been said..." a library is lost when an old person dies." A recorded video interview will capture and preserve a valuable portion of that library.

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